How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Per Article?

Nowadays we are in a freelancing era that many people believe will continue because of the new technology available and fast access to the internet. Many people nowadays prefer to work remotely or at home while they can manage their schedule and no boss will always monitor their performance. One of the online earning platforms that a person can apply and work is by being a freelance writer. There are requirements like you need to pass the grammar test and a sample article based on the given topic for them to assess if you can be one of their online writers. If you have the skills in writing, this job might be for you as freelance writing is the best place for you to understand more about yourself, other people, and different topics or projects. But before digging deeper into being a freelance writer, let us know first HOW MUCH DO FREELANCE WRITERS MAKE PER ARTICLE?


There are different rates that a freelance writer can earn online. There are 5 types of freelance writing rates and these are the following:

* by the word
* by the project or also known as a flat rate
* by the page
* by the hour
* retainer fee for ongoing work


Freelance writers get paid depending on how active they are in writing content and projects online. It varies on how seasoned or the write-ups you wrote as a writer because online writing sites have different earning strategies and levels. If there are more projects and content will write and if all of the submitted write-ups will be approved like what does to its freelance writers, then the higher the amount that he will receive every week or every month. Most freelance writers can make at around $0.17 to $0.25per word or it can more or less as there are factors that can affect the performance of the writer.


The average that pays per article for a freelance writer can earn is about $380. Based on the research and the data provided from this site, most of the writers cannot make more than $250 per article and many of them can earn less than $100 per article. Those who made under $250 per article comprised 62% of the gathered sample and those writers who can earn less than $500 makeup over 83%. This finding shows that most of the freelance writers were made by the few. On the data that they gathered, 477 writers made up under $1000 while 43 writers made up earning more than $1000 per article.


It is not always applicable that if you write longer articles, you can earn more money online. 54% of articles are composed of less than 1,400 words, so its average is valid to the sample. Those writers who wrote the lengthiest articles or articles which are more than 7,000 words received less per article compared to other writers. Writing more than 4,500 words per article will lead to higher payment which is $90. The maximum range to optimize payment was between 5,000 to 7,000 words per writeup. Even if you are writing 2.5k to 5,000 words, you can get a bigger average payout than those who are writing 7k words. If you want to maintain the word count low per article but still you aim to make more than $380 per article as an average, it is recommended to shoot for a more sufficient 1,000 to 2,500 words per article. Do not expect that if you write 5,000+ words, you can make a grand off in just 1 article. Some experienced and new freelance writers still do not understand how to price their words per article.


In extension to word count and payment, there’s an important factor to consider and that is the amount of effort being expended. There are three distinct categories of the effort expended and these are little, medium, and third one is heavy. As the effort increases, average pay will also increase at a steady rate of 68% for little effort to medium and 87% for medium to heavy. The small increase resulting between little and Medium effort was influenced by those people who are choosing medium out of habit. Some writers put limited or no effort into an article or writing a particular project. Those measures show that the more action or effort expended, the higher pay you can get. It shows also that to be a great freelancer, skill is not the only factor but also the decent old-fashioned effort of the writers. This can be done through running and researching down leads or by just putting the best pact of effort into the supporting graphics or images. All of these important components matter and when combined, these can form an interesting, actionable, and shareable article.


As a thought investigation, they decided to assign expended hours to various levels of effort of some writers. Each level was assigned 10, 15, and 20 hrs. Based on the standard criteria, they found out that putting the heavy level of the project in an article was still the most productive wherein earning is almost $38 per hour. You could also work for 10 hours or more at an effort level which is heavy before it became lucrative to give medium and little effort. In addition, an article having less effort would have dropped down to 6 hours being expended on an article to be more valuable in the long run over an article that is heavy.


WPW or who pays writer is an online resource that is ample of crowdsourced pay rates and other significant metrics. These entries are being broken down by the type of article like the type of relationship and workload with the publications and by pay per word that is the approximate or estimated word count. Other factors included are the number of working time and the comments from readers.